Star Silicone Placemat - Apricot
Star Silicone Placemat - Apricot
Star Silicone Placemat - Apricot
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Star Silicone Placemat - Apricot

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Our Star Silicone Placemat is durable and waterproof with a suction on the bottom of the placemat to stay in place without sliding off. The placemats will help parents create a tidy dining space, promote babies/toddlers to self-feed without the hassle of either the plate or its contents ending up on the floor, and aid parents in feeding the baby/toddler in a tranquil manner. These placemats will create an enjoyable experience for the babies/toddlers and a unique mealtime at home or while traveling, therefore, comfortable and easy to use. The placemat has a thin silicone that makes it easy to roll up and fit in any bag or bring to the restaurant or on the go. These placemats help to build babies'/toddlers’ fine motor skills and introduce the babies/toddlers to new foods without creating a big mess. The Star Silicone Placemat makes mealtime more peaceful while the suction is secured so that the placemat is not thrown around during meal times. Available in various colours. There are plates, silicone spoons, and forks available separately that match the placemat.


- 100% Food Grade Silicone degradable (BPA, BPS, PVS, phthalate, and latex-free) placemat 

- Excellent heat protection of kitchen appliances by placing the placemat under small appliances to protect the countertops 

- Useful to introduce to baby/toddler to a variety of foods

- High-quality silicone suction placemat and non-slip

- Hypoallergenic and sustainable 

- Soft, lightweight, durable, reusable, and waterproof 

- Encourages feeding and self-feeding (placemat stay in place)

- Stylish and distinct star design 

- Thin design that makes it able to roll up easily to fit any bag and is great for use at restaurants, on the go, or travel 

- Anti-stain – any stain marks can be easily wiped off with a wet cloth

- Easy to clean: soak in water and wash off 

- Dishwasher safe 

- Available in various colors 

- Size (Placemat): 39.88x29.97cm 


- Portable anywhere you travel

- Baby may use it for each mealtime

- Top-notch suction power and comfortable to use – encourages feeding and self-feeding without throwing the placemat or plates and its contents on the floor

- Enjoyable experience for the baby/toddler each mealtime

- Reusable, durable, and waterproof

- Easy to clean

Please do not leave your baby unsupervised while using this Star Silicone Placemat. Use responsibly under supervision and at your own risk.