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Customised orders can be placed via 
"Contact Us" or by email: 


Please provide us with the following information via Contact Us or by email: Product, Main Materials, Gender, Personalised Name, Colours, Side Materials, Pacifier Clip and Yarn. 

Once you have decided on a product or product set, send us a "Contact Us" message or an email in the terms of how you would want your product to look. We will create an order proof and we will verify with an email of approval for our clients.

After you proceed to add the product to the cart in the field labeled "Customised Product" with your designated options then continue to make your final payment. We will confirm your purchase and examine the necessary adjustments in-line with your customised order. Delivery timeline for each product can be found in our Shipping Policy




- Pacifier Chain

- Teether Chain

- Rattle Toy

- Buggy Chain (big)

- Buggy Chain (small)

- Cot Mobile (big)

- Cot Mobile (small) 


Main Materials 

(Beads, Teether) 


For all Products: 

- Silicone Beads

- Wood Beads

- Mix of Silicone and Wood Beads 


For Teether Chain 

- Silicone Teether

- Turtle (blue, grey, rose, pink, purple, aqua blue, mint) 

- Racoon (beige, mint, turquoise) 

- Wood Teether

- Star 

- Bird 

- Whale 

- Fish

- Teddy Bear 

- Duck

- Car






- Baby Boy

- Baby Girl 

- Gender neutral (e.g. for baby shower) 



Personalised Name



You can personalise the product with baby´s name. 

- with Name --> provide baby´s name 

- without Name


If you like the product with personalised name, you can choose between Acrylic Beads or Wood Beads. 

- Acrylic Beads Alphabet 

- Wood Beads Alphabet 



(Beads, Side Materials) 


You can choose between one shade or mixed shades (choose two or three shades). 

Shades of

- Yellow 

- Orange 

- Red 

- Maroon 

- Bordeaux 

- Pastel Rose 

- Baby Rose 

- Pink 

- Lila 

- Violet

- Purple 

- Aqua Blue 

- Turquoise  

- Light Blue 

- Baby Blue 

- Dark Blue 

- Mint 

- Light Green 

- Dark Green 

- Brown 

- Black 

- Grey 

- White 

- Beige / Wood Color  


Side Materials 



- Star*

- Crown (turquoise, mint, grey, white, blue, rose, green, purple, violet)  

- Bow (white, rose) 

- Racoon (grey, rose, beige, mint, blue) 

- Bear (mint, blue, rose) 

- Flower (white, rose, pink) 



- Heart*  

- Star*  

- Bear*  

- Fox (beige, orange, grey, turquoise, rose, blue) 

- Car (blue, mint, beige) 

- Duck (yellow, mint, lila) 

- Hippo (grey, lila, green, blue, pink) 

- Elepfant (blue) 

- Owl (lila) 

- Bee (yellow) 

- It´s a boy (blue) 

- It´s a girl (rose, pink) 


Yarn Ball* --> for Pacifier Chain, Teether Chain, Buggy Chain and Cot Mobile 


Wood Ring (small) --> for Cot Mobile, Buggy Chain (optional) and Rattle Toy (optional) 

- Blue, turquoise, yellow, green, red, orange, rose 


Wood Ring (big, half) --> for Rattle Toy and Cot Mobile 

- Blue, white, rose, pink, green, mint, beige/wood color 


Wood Ring (big) --> for Rattle Toy and Cot Mobile 

- Blue 

- Beige/wood color


Bells* --> for Rattle Toy and Cot Mobile 


* in all colours available 



Pacifier Clip 

(Normal, Teddy) 


You can choose the type (Normal or Teddy) and colour of pacifier clip. 

Normal Pacifier Clip 

- White 

- Grey 

- Purple 

- Blue 

- Rose 

- Pink 

- Red 

- Orange 

- Yellow 

- Green 

- Mint 

- Beige / Wood Color 


Teddy Pacifier Clip 

- White 

- Rose 

- Bordeaux 

- Light Blue 

- Grey 





You can choose the colour of the safety yarn. 

- White 

- Black 

- Beige / Wood Color 

- Blue 

- Pink