Introducing the Tiny Toes’ World digital Gift Card option as we value personalisations for a thoughtful gift to capture the moments of happiness for the baby/toddler or parent/legal guardian by presenting a digital gift card. We wanted to go the extra mile to make your special someone elated with joy for such a thoughtful gift by investing in a digital gift card that will bring a smile to all our customers’ faces on a global level. 


Tiny Toes´ World´s gift card is accepted to purchase any products/services at our website ( You have the option of choosing a gift card value of CAD $10, $25, $50 or $100 gift card of your choice for a baby’s milestone, special occasion, baby shower or boy/girl birthday. 

The gift card expires within one year of the date of issuance as credit will not be redeemable. At the time of checkout, enter the gift card access code. Tiny Toes´ World will not replace your card if lost or stolen. The gift card funds are not exchangeable for cash except when required by law.

This card is issued by Tiny Toes´ World. Terms and conditions may apply. Check out for more details. 


Tiny Toes´ World has a service, where you can order gift card with a personalised message and then in check out, you can enter recipient´s address and ship it to the recipient directly. This will be a lovely surprise gift for the baby and therefore unique. 

If you proceed with simple packaging and delivery, you do not need to choose anything specific except entering the recipient´s address.